Shingle Roofing

Hand Nailing Means Quality Control for Our Customers

Including a shingle roof on your home or business provides a number of traditional looks that property owners continue to prefer. Vinton Roofing Company proudly carries a heritage of hands-on skills when it comes to roofing. Our roofing teams work by hand nailing shingles in place, whether we are doing a quick repair or an entire roof covering.

The use of hand nailing provides assurance to our customers who care about the quality control on the work being done on their residential or commercial property:

  • Checking for straight cuts
  • Correct nail placement
  • Hand nailing the ridgecaps
  • Proper fastening techniques
  • Stair step (45 degree angle) pattern

The roofing teams of Vinton Roofing Company, Inc. have the job experience in what they do and are trained by product manufacturers. These companies provide quality materials that cannot afford to be wasted by careless techniques or misguided attempts to hurry through a job. We do not subcontract our work. All are Vinton Roofing Company, Inc. employees.

Nail Driving Diagram

Hand Nailing Process and Attention to Detail

There are roofing companies out there who take advantage of tools like nail guns to knock out a repair or apply roofing material in a short amount of time. These shortcuts often result in a number of accidental placements, breakage, wasted time and effort. Improper nailing techniques are very common in work done today, and can yield less than superior results.

When you want quality work done right, with the proper attention to detail that includes the material and how it is applied, the skilled roofing technicians at Vinton Roofing Company, Inc. are who can get the job done properly!

Traditional Skill Takes on Modern Convenience and Waste

Perhaps you have heard it said that when you know and are skilled in something, it does not take a lot of time to get the job done right. This is especially true when it comes to roofing work. Vinton Roofing Company, Inc. has the traditional skill that means less waste and stands up against any competitor using modern methods.

Our roofing teams are trained by product manufacturers in the best ways to apply roofing products, everything from underlayment to spacing, and what constitutes a quality application. We do not waste material or nails, because we know that inexperience, incompetence, and negligence reflect on a job that is not done right the first time.

Vinton Roofing treats each roofing job with integrity. This brings less inconvenience. We deliver a secure roofing job when it comes to our shingle applications, which is what our customers expect.