Experienced Roofing Contractors Using Quality Materials in Vinton, VA

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The roofing contractors at Vinton Roofing Company know that you need more than experience to be truly successful in this business. That is why we use high quality materials and hand nailing to create durable roofs that protect your home or business. We use roofing materials from Owens-Corning, GAF, CMS, and CertainTeed, and we hand nail all roofs to ensure quality of application. No nail guns, no shortcuts involved! We repair and install shingle roofing and metal roofing for homes and businesses from Vinton, VA, to all across the Roanoke Valley region. We also offer storm damage repairs for residential and commercial clients. Check out our videos to learn more about the quality products we use and to see some of the roofing options we provide.

To receive a free estimate from our team of roofing experts, contact Vinton Roofing Company today or call us at (540) 890-1705.